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Best Life

$175 ($50 Deposit) 1 hour

Ready to live your best life on your schedule? Refuel and recharge to be your best self.

COVID Testing Bundle

$249.00 1 hour

Receive both our Antibody and PCR COVID-19 Tests for full spectrum results with 1-2 days.

COVID-19 Rapid Viral Test

125.00 1 hour

This COVID-19 Rapid Viral Test is utilized for people who suspect they have been exposed to the virus.


$100 ($50 Deposit) 1 hour

The perfect solution for “athletes” who need to perform at their best. Aids in recovery afterward.

Group Event (Minimum 4 persons)

Price Varies w/ $200 deposit 2 hours

Having a Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Event? Is your group doing an marathon or biking event? Including an IV Therapy Group package in your plans can enhance your experience.

Hangover Helper

$75.00 ($50 Deposit) 1 hour

For detox, immune response and mood recovery. Sure to destroy your hangover.

La La Land

$125 ($50.00 Deposit) 1 hour

Everything needed for complete relaxation. Stress, relaxing muscles and help with improving your mood.

Poor Me

$125 ($50 Deposit) 1 hour

Have you had a bad night or even a bad year? This will give you that pick-me-up when your mental game is off.


$150 ($50 Deposit) 1 hour

Sick as hell? Let’s get you hooked-up ! Everything needed to boost immunity and get you back in the game.